Working Together for Educational Excellence

As a Public School Board Trustee, I love what I do and am seeking a third term to represent Spruce Grove. I am committed to the time and energy this position requires.  On October 16, please give me your vote of confidence that will allow me to continue to contribute to future successes in Parkland School Division (PSD).

Four years as Chairman of the Board

I feel honored to have had the community support me as a Public School Board Trustee for the last two terms (four years as Chairman of the Board). As Trustee, I have always made myself available to the school community and have been open to inquiries, concerns and requests for information. I love being part of the School Board and have worked tirelessly on behalf of the Spruce Grove community.

Experienced, Informed, Dedicated & Progressive

Because of the political climate and level of provincial government involvement in education, it would be beneficial to have an experienced, informed, dedicated and progressive Trustee to represent our children. As part of the current School Board, I have helped to establish good connections and working relationships with our municipal, provincial, and community partners and feel it is important to foster that going forward.

Importance of Advocacy

The importance of advocacy is paramount in today’s educational system. I have supported a number of advocacy efforts during my time as Trustee, including those which helped to solve the severe population pressures in Spruce Grove.  I do not know of any community in Alberta that has received more capital building projects (per capita) over the last few years.

Please Take Time to Vote

Vote in the upcoming election Monday, October 16th, 2017
For more information on where to vote and eligibility visit the Spruce Grove Website for Election.