Let’s Talk About Communication

I have supported and encouraged efforts, in Parkland School Division (PSD), to open-up and maintain the lines of communication with our public in all aspects of our organization. I do realize people in our society today have very busy lives and would like to see immediate responses to all inquiries, questions, and concerns. In a system of our size, serving close to 11 000 students, sometimes responses do take time and unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world. However, my goal is to see all requests for information responded to in a reasonable time frame, with immediate responses to emergent items. Significant efforts have been made to increase accessibility of School Board Trustees to the public and include:

  • making School Board Trustee contact information available via the PSD website, psd70.ab.ca, including email addresses and phone numbers. Trustees regularly answer parent inquiries and concerns and/or help connect the parent with those that are in a position to offer assistance.
  • attending every School Council meeting (usually held monthly) to report on what has happened in PSD in the previous month. This includes sharing information about the operational work in the Division (eg: how transportation fees are arrived at, how new policies affect schools, how new schools are funded, etc).
  • attending Chamber of Commerce meetings and Rotary Club meetings.
  • attending as many invited school events as possible and various announced funding ceremonies and awards programs (eg: Friends of the Environment with TD Bank).
  • attending invited community events (eg: library summer reading awards program, open houses, service club events).
  • encouraging the continued development and maintenance of the PSD website.
  • Trustees and Senior administration meet twice yearly with our public to seek input that will help us in our educational planning.

Parkland School Division Website: www.psd70.ab.ca

Often, many of the questions from the public can be answered via the up-to-date and interactive PSD website. A wealth of information is offered at a person’s fingertip:

  • Attendance areas, employment opportunities, Board Chair and Superintendent messages
  • Transportation bus routes, bus pass registration procedures
  • Upcoming events, full year calendar, current PSD YouTube endeavors
  • Board policies, administrative procedures, union agreements, trustee expense information
  • ’Power School’ explanation and portal
  • School Division address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address
  • Blog entries, including our highly successful 184 Days of Learning, which celebrates learning through submissions (often video clips) from PSD students, teachers, parents and even Trustees centered around the question “What did I learn today?”


I do hope it is clear that communication with me is merely a phone call, e-mail, gmail, website or Twitter away: