Re-Elect Eric Cameron for Public School Trustee, Spruce Grove Ward 5

As a Public School Board Trustee, I love what I do and it has been an honour to have had the community support me. I believe my experience can provide the leadership and mentorship needed in the upcoming term, which will be essential to support students, teachers and parents who have navigated 18 long months in a global pandemic. As a former teacher and a parent, I can understand and contribute to navigating the challenging hurdles ahead.

On October 18, please give me your vote of confidence that will allow me to continue to contribute in the decision-making for future successes in Parkland School Division. For election information visit this link.

Past Achievements

I have been a committed member of the Board of Trustees for the Parkland School Division and am proud of the collaborative and progressive efforts that have been achieved, including: 1. Opportunity for Community and...

Importance of Advocacy

Importance of Advocacy Due to the level of provincial government involvement in education, and the current political climate, the importance of advocacy becomes paramount in today’s public education system. Our government is assuming a larger...

Future Priorities

Evaluate and address the impact of COVID-19 Students, teachers and parents have experienced significant challenges during the pandemic. One of my priorities will be to address, to the best of our abilities, any educational, mental...

Experienced, Dedicated, Informed & Progressive

As a Trustee, I have always made myself available to the school community and have been open to inquiries, concerns and requests for information. My experience in Trustee governance can be utilized to help work through complex challenges.

My work on the Board has been enriched by my extensive teaching career and past Trustee experience.  I believe in a collaborative, informed and respectful approach to governance and advocacy. All Board decisions should be made based on what best serves the needs of our children and community. Stakeholder engagement is a critical component of effective policy and decision-making and should be respected and considered in all levels of governance.