Importance of Advocacy

Due to the level of provincial government involvement in education, and the current political climate, the importance of advocacy becomes paramount in today’s public education system. Our government is assuming a larger role in educational transformation in our province. Therefore, we must continue to work closely with all of our municipal, business and support agencies to send a strong message to our provincial government of the importance of a properly supported and adequately funded public education system.

To respond to local educational needs, I believe advocacy should be focused on: 

  • The protection of public education in Alberta
  • Development of a solid, expert, research-based K-12 curriculum for Alberta
  • Securing necessary funding to meet the COVID-19 protocols needed to help protect our students, teachers and all staff
  • Addressing concerns over the new provincial funding model for education
  • The improvement to supports, services, and funding for early years learning
  • School board autonomy and flexibility
  • Public education as a strong provider of choices in education