Future Priorities

What Are My Priorities For The Future?

  1. Monitor School Fees

We have to work closely with our provincial government to honor their commitment to lower school fees for parents and for the government to provide the adequate funding to reflect their commitment.  We must also continue to seek efficiencies in our regional bus transportation system and better explain to our public how transportation fees are derived.

  1. Manage Enrolment Increases

Spruce Grove is a vibrant and growing community with a healthy growth forecast for the next 20 years. We need to continue to make proactive plans for the future, while also continuing to lobby the government for new schools, especially our current requests for a new high school and for the modernization of our existing Spruce Grove Composite High School.

  1. Focus On Early Years Education

Research is now showing that the educational, social/emotional and physical needs of children need to be met in early childhood, so future problems in school and poor attitudes can be reduced substantially as these children progress through middle and high school years.  We need to continue to promote and deliver “wrap around” services (involvement of all provincial agencies such as Alberta Health Services, Community and Social Services, Children’s Services, as well as our Regional Collaborative Services Delivery) even at the pre-school level to help meet these needs head on.

4. Promote Delivery of Innovative Education

Every effort needs to be made to develop innovative practices in our educational programs, with a strong focus on numeracy and literacy to support all children, including those with special needs. We must continue to seek-out and provide access to cost-effective technologies that effectively support learners of the 21st century.

5. Facilitate School Wellness and the Greening of Schools

We need to ensure school wellness programs focus on the physical, social/emotional, and nutritional needs of our students. This includes continuing to promote a clean, safe, and bully-free environment. We must also continue to be active partners in environmental awareness and responsibility to reduce the carbon footprint of our schools.

  1. Use My Experience In Uncertain Political Times To Support School Boards in Alberta

Our government is assuming a larger role in educational transformation in our province. We must continue to work closely with all our municipal, business, and support agencies to send a strong message to our provincial and federal governments of the importance of a properly supported and adequately funded educational system.